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By coming together, we’ve built a thriving network of excellence and expertise, where knowledge and support flow freely and each member’s individual success is multiplied. Twice a year, we take the extra step to meet in person for a showcase of remarkable speakers, engaging discussions, and peerless educational content.

Join our ranks for a coveted opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. If you have years of specialized search experience and a track record of success, apply today and embark on a collaborative journey to even greater heights!

What membership means to us.


As proponents of transparency, we prioritize openly sharing information, intentions, and actions. We believe it cultivates trust, fosters accountability, and facilitates fair and effective decision-making in organizations and relationships.

Hard Work

We believe in the power of hard work. It fuels growth, builds resilience, and unlocks our full potential. Through dedication and perseverance, we achieve success and make our dreams a reality.


Teamwork enhances collaboration, creativity, and efficiency. We leverage diverse skills and perspectives, foster synergy, share responsibilities, and achieve collective goals, leading to greater productivity, satisfaction, and success.


Innovation is vital in an organization like ours. It encourages collaboration, brings diverse perspectives, and fuels collective creativity, enabling the group to tackle complex challenges and achieve transformative outcomes.


Commitment is crucial in a group of unique individuals as it fosters trust, ensures dedication to shared goals, and enables perseverance through challenges, leading to cohesion, productivity, and collective success.

Giving Back

Volunteering is essential because it helps others, creates positive impact, fosters personal growth, and strengthens communities, promoting empathy, social responsibility, and a sense of purpose. 

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