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Carl Coco, Jr. CPC

“There are some who

bring a light

So great to the world

that even after they have Gone,

the light remains.”

-Leigh Standley


That can truly be said of Carl Coco.  We can all still see him sitting in the early morning of every Pinnacle conference drinking coffee and talking to any Pinnacle person who passed by.  Carl was wise and caring to everyone.  He made all of us laugh as he told the world how much he loved the recruiting business.  Although he would not brag incessantly, we knew his incredible acumen and success in our business. 


Carl was there for all of us in Pinnacle, he was there for the people in his company but most of all he was there for his family.   His love for MaryAnn, his children, and grandchildren were palpable.   


Your light is shining Carl.  Even though we miss you, we are still guided by that light. 


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