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Volunteering and Giving Back. It’s Good for the Soul!

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Pinnacle’s very own Laura Hill and Cathy Stewart feeding families for Ronald McDonald House Charities

This is a picture of Pinnacle’s very own Laura Hill and Cathy Stewart feeding families for Ronald McDonald House Charities during one of our bi-annual conferences. The Pinnacle Society donates time to unique causes at every. single. conference.

You may have heard the famous quote that “as you grow older you will discover that you have two hands- one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Volunteering is one form of service that uses both hands- it first and foremost helps the community and at the same time it helps you.

Volunteering at its core is a selfless act that benefits your community and the individuals around you. The less talked about aspect of volunteering is that it can also have immeasurable personal benefits.

It is easy to donate money to a cause. But, when was the last time you donated your time? Try it. You will be amazed at how full your heart will be!