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The Pinnacle Society is the premier consortium of 75 Industry-Leading recruiters in North America.  When you partner with a Pinnacle Society member, you will be working with an established recruiting expert in your niche; a proven professional with a track record of quickly finding high quality talent to help your business be successful.Our clients understand that having a Pinnacle Society recruiter working with their staff and executive development team can be one of the most profitable decisions a business leader makes.   Read More


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A Pinnacle Society member recruiter will be a trusted advisor in your career transition.  Pinnacle Society members have industry expertise, access to decision makers with top-tier employers and tenure in the recruiting industry that sets them apart from other recruiters.

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Here at the Pinnacle Society, we are home to a premier consortium of top recruiters with a history of results – a place where innovative ideas, high ethical standards and a passion for education can be shared with like-minded peers.   Do you think you qualify to be one of us? Learn More


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See our Member Directory is a complete list of current Pinnacle Society members including the executive recruiters’ biographies, industry / recruiting specialties and contact information. Filter members by name, keyword, industry type or specialty. View Members