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When you partner with a Pinnacle Society member, you will be working with an established recruiting expert in your niche; a proven professional with a track record of quickly finding high quality talent to help your business be successful. Read More


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A Pinnacle Society member recruiter will be a trusted advisor in your career transition. Pinnacle Society members have industry expertise, access to decision makers in high quality companies and tenure in the industry that sets them apart from other recruiters. Learn More


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Here at the Pinnacle Society, we are home to a premier consortium of top recruiters with a history of results – a place where innovative ideas, high ethical standards and a passion for education can be shared with like-minded peers.   Do you think you qualify to be one of us? Learn More


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See our Member Directory is a complete list of current Pinnacle Society members including the executive recruiters’ biographies, industry / recruiting specialties and contact information. Filter members by name, keyword, industry type or specialty. View Members