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The Pinnacle Society Welcomes New Members

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The Pinnacle Society is so proud to welcome three Rock Stars to our organization, Mike Williams, Ryan Walsh and Justis Pederson! 

Mike Williams is the President and Founder of CPI in Charlotte, NC. He’s a 5X President’s Club Recruiter and has placed 100s of people in Manufacturing, Engineering and Operations. We are so proud to have him onboard!

Ryan is a VP of Recruiting & Head of Client Development at Blue Signal Search. Ryan is committed to providing value-added expertise to the business unit leaders across many industries. He has been highly successful in the following areas: Accounting | Agriculture | Consumer Goods | Energy | Engineering | Finance | Food Processing | Logistics | Manufacturing | Nutrition | Procurement | Technology. Ryan comes to us from Phoenix, AZ.

Justis is the President & CEO of The Pederson Group. He comes to Pinnacle with over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry. He specializes in the Construction, Engineering & Development industries and hails from Winnipeg Canada.