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Kimberly Laipple

Kimberly Laipple is the SVP & Managing Director of Scientific Search, a boutique Life Science Recruiting firm. Kim has lead the team at Scientific Search for 15 yrs and offers amazing tenure in a tough industry. In addition to her operational function, she still runs a full desk along with managing 25 recruiters. Kim’s consultative approach and client development skills are paramount. She has successfully placed people in clinical and commercial operations, manufacturing, engineering, R&D and analytics as well as many other areas in pharmaceutical, life science & medical device companies. She holds an MBA and BS in Business Management from Rowan University. Outside of work, Kim enjoys spending time with her daughters and grandkids. She is passionate about animal rescue and has a house full of pets to keep her busy.

Kimberly Laipple is a highly accomplished and respected professional in the field of life science recruiting, currently serving as the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Scientific Search, a prominent boutique recruitment firm specializing in the life sciences industry. With an impressive tenure of 15 years at Scientific Search, Kim has consistently demonstrated her exceptional leadership skills and expertise in identifying top talent to enable organizations to scale and achieve their goals.

With a total of 25 years of experience in the recruiting industry, Kim has established herself as a true industry veteran with a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges associated with talent acquisition in the life sciences sector. Her extensive knowledge and insights have allowed her to thrive in this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, where new diseases, drugs, technologies, markets, and demographics constantly reshape the landscape.

Kim’s professional journey has been marked by numerous accomplishments and successful placements in various domains, including clinical and commercial operations, manufacturing, engineering, research and development, analytics, and more, within pharmaceutical, life science, and medical device companies. She has played a pivotal role in building out life science organizations from their early stages through commercialization, showcasing her ability to navigate the unique demands and complexities of each growth phase.

Moreover, Kim has excelled in cultivating high-performance teams across the service side of the life sciences industry. She has a proven track record of building successful partnerships with Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs), Medical Technology (Med Tech) companies, and Lab equipment providers, among others. Her extensive network and expertise have allowed her to connect the right talent with the right organizations, contributing to the overall advancement and success of the life sciences sector.

Kim’s consultative approach and exceptional client development skills have been instrumental in her career achievements. She deeply understands the importance of establishing strong relationships with clients and working closely with them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific needs and objectives. By leveraging her insights and industry knowledge, Kim has consistently delivered exceptional results, exceeding client expectations and forging long-term partnerships.

In addition to her managerial responsibilities, Kim actively maintains a full desk, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to hands-on recruitment and ensuring the delivery of top-tier talent to her clients. Her ability to balance leadership and individual contribution has been a testament to her dedication, work ethic, and passion for the industry.

Kim’s educational background includes an MBA and a BS in Business Management from Rowan University, equipping her with the necessary strategic and managerial skills to excel in her current role. Beyond her professional endeavors, she cherishes spending quality time with her daughters and grandchildren. Kim is also deeply passionate about animal rescue and dedicates her free time to caring for her beloved pets.

In conclusion, Kimberly Laipple is an exceptional leader and recruiter who has made a significant impact on the life sciences industry. Her outstanding tenure, extensive experience, and expertise in talent acquisition have positioned her as a go-to professional for organizations seeking transformative leaders. 

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