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Data Storage, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Software

Jordan Rayboy

Living the Dream & Building Winning Teams! 20+ years recruiting experience within the storage, infrastructure, cloud, and cybersecurity marketplace. Leading virtual teams while traveling in an RV since 2006.

Jordan Rayboy began recruiting in 2000 after his sophomore year of college. Six years later, he struck out on his own, forming Rayboy Insider Search. Jordan has run his search firm since 2006 while traveling in a tour-bus RV with his wife Jeska, their wolfpack, and now 3 young children. They’ve covered the majority of the US and Canada during their adventure while living their dream every day. He joined the Pinnacle Society in 2009, and has served on their Board of Directors and as Member Education Chair. He also recently became a Sr. Network Advisor in the Sanford Rose & Associates organization, helping coach search firm owners to achieve their goals. Through Jordan’s numerous presentations at NAPS conferences, state associations, and training videos on Next Level Exchange, he has inspired countless recruiters to raise their game and make their dreams a reality as well.

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