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Jennifer Poloni

As a female owned business we focus on filling key roles and projects on the commercial side of Pharma and Biotech.  We pride our selves in filling jobs quickly.  We have  a defined process that is explained early in the search so that companies know what to expect from us and how we perform.   Our goal is to bring top talent to National Pharma and biotech organizations so that when a future search comes up there is no doubt who they will engage.  We pride ourselves in filling multiple roles with the companies we work with. 


When you’ve been in staffing for over 2 decades, it’s hard to imagine that you used to do something else.

I started my career as a Pharma Sales Representative and moved up the ranks to a Sales Manager. I loved the industry, but when I had small children, I realized the travel was too much… but I still wanted to stay in pharma some way. Recruiting has been a great way to stay in the space that I’m so passionate about – I loved the industry as much then as I do now.

As an executive recruiter for 23 years, I spend my days in two ways: I impact companies by bringing them top talent, and I help candidates find their dream jobs! It’s a win-win. Over the years, my clients have told me that I have a knack for identifying the RIGHT candidates for the position by talking with the hiring managers to uncover what their ideal candidate looks like and find them exactly that.

Now more than ever, companies are looking for smart, passionate, innovative performers that can help build their culture and grow their business. I know I’ve done my job well when I hear, “Was it Jennifer who brought us this candidate? She always delivers. We need to call her again!”

If I can help you build your commercial team or help you with your career dreams, please email me at jenniferp@cascadiasearch.com. At the least, I’d love to connect on LinkedIn, so shoot me an invitation. I’d love to make a connection for you.

On a personal note: I’m an avid golfer. If you have any tips on how to improve my handicap, I’m all ears. 

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