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The Pinnacle Society’s three-day conferences are held twice a year – in April and in October.

Recharge while you network and learn!

The Pinnacle Society’s three-day conferences are held twice a year – in April and in October. Each conference features superstar speakers, riveting roundtable discussions, and educational content geared toward topics like best practices, productivity, and emerging recruiting technologies, to name a few!  Each conference doubles as a destination event, hosted in a world-class city or resort – offering an abundance of activities for your family or guests!

A value-packed event schedule.

Think of Pinnacle Society conferences as a learning hub. Each day is filled to the brim with opportunities to learn from industry leaders, forge friendships that last a lifetime, and expand our members’ professional networks. But it's more than that. It's also about recharging, finding fresh inspiration, and reigniting passion. That's the true value we deliver. And we do so with immense pride.

Upcoming Conferences

Twice a year, Pinnacle Society members travel from all parts of the country to come together as friends and colleagues. Pinnacle Conferences are laidback affairs with lots of laughter, learning, and camaraderie. Members take advantage of the time to catch up, share ideas, and just enjoy each other's company. They are special get-togethers that all members look forward to!

Fall 2023 Pinnacle Society Conference:
Thursday, October 12 through Saturday, October 14
Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah, Georgia

Spring 2024 Pinnacle Society Conference:
Wednesday, April 3 through Friday, April 5
Renaissance Legacy West Plano in Dallas, Texas

Future Conference Locations:
Atlanta, Georgia
Kansas City, Missouri
Las Vegas, Nevada
Austin, Texas

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after Sept 11, 2023

Once submitted, an invoice will be emailed from Square for the total due if you prefer to pay by check. If you prefer to pay online via credit card, once you submit you will have that opportunity. When paid, the hotel link will be emailed for you to directly book your hotel online.

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